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2014 Jefferson-Jackson Dinner Celebration Information

NewsLink 12/16/14 Same Greedy Behavior from Congresswoman Capito
NewsLink 11/04/14 IT'S ELECTION DAY
NewsLink 10/29/14 Statement on Mooney and Jenkins Campaigning with Their Out-Of-State Puppet Masters
NewsLink 10/29/14 Enough is Enough: Congresswoman Capito’s Anti-Middle Class Record
NewsLink 10/28/14 Five Days, Five Reasons West Virginians Can't Trust Evan Jenkins
NewsLink 10/24/14 Five Days, Five Reasons West Virginians Can't Trust Evan Jenkins
NewsLink 10/22/14 Five Days, Five Reasons West Virginians Can’t Trust Evan Jenkins
NewsLink 10/21/14 Congresswoman Capito the Question Dodger
NewsLink 10/21/14 5 Days Five Reasons West Virginians Cant Trust Evan Jenkins
NewsLink 10/20/14 Capito Caught on Tape Refusing To Answer to 22000 West Virginians Earning Minimum Wage
NewsLink 10/20/14 Five Days Five Reasons West Virginians Cant Trust Evan Jenkins
NewsLink 10/17/14 REVEALED: Jenkins Out of State Puppet Masters
NewsLink 10/14/14 Congresswoman Capito Caught Taking Credit for Anti-Meth Funding She Tried to Cut
NewsLink 10/13/14 Congresswoman Capito Launches "Belgium Works" Tour
NewsLink 10/07/14 Tennant Clear Winner of Debate
NewsLink 10/02/14 One Year Later Mooney Runs for Cover After Supporting Shutdown
NewsLink 10/01/14 Be Careful What You Wish For: West Virginians Hold Capito Responsible for Shutting Down the Government
NewsLink 10/01/14 Around 50 Rally Agains Jenkins
NewsLink 09/26/14 Minus Mooney
NewsLink 09/25/14 Governor Tomblin and WV Democratic Party to Honor Coal Miners at Annual JJ Dinner
NewsLink 09/25/14 Veterans to Evan Jenkins: Return Your Dirty Karl Rove Money
NewsLink 09/25/14 Maryland Mooney Part 4
NewsLink 09/24/14 Mooney Supported Tax on Coal Companies to Fund Solar Energy Grants
NewsLink 09/23/14 Alex 'Maryland' Mooney Voted for a Moratorium on Coal Plant Construction
NewsLink 09/18/14 A Red Flag in Alex "Maryland" Mooney's Record
NewsLink 09/12/14 Casey - Mooney Bowl Announced
NewsLink 09/10/14 2014 Jefferson Jackson Dinner Celebration
NewsLink 09/9/14 Awkward Silence
NewsLink 09/9/14 WV Veterans Protest Jenkins
NewsLink 09/05/14 Congresswoman Capito's Anti-Senior Record and Attempts to Cover it Up Revealed
NewsLink 08/28/14 FORUM UPDATE: Congresswoman Capito's BIG LIE
NewsLink 08/27/14 Where was Evan Jenkins?
NewsLink 08/26/14 Evan Jenkins Skips His Own Committee Meeting on Veterans AGAIN!
NewsLink 08/26/14 Congresswoman Capito Shut Out West Virginians with a Man who Shut Down the Government
NewsLink 8/20/14 ICYMI: WV Coal Miners and Working Families Reject Mitt Romney
NewsLink 8/19/14

West Virginians Protest Mitt "Coal Kills" Romney

NewsLink 8/18/14 Does Congresswoman Capito Believe Corporations are People?
NewsLink 8/14/14 Happy Anniversary Social Security, No Thanks to Congresswoman Capito
NewsLink 8/13/14 ICYMI: Huffington Post Reports on Capito's Equal Pay LIE
NewsLink 8/7/14 A Warning to WV Seniors
NewsLink 8/6/14 Chairman's Statement on Dinesh D'Souza Coming to WV for WV GOP
NewsLink 8/5/14 Whose Policies Does Congresswoman Capito Agree With?
NewsLink 8/4/14 With Tennant's Growing Momentum Comes More Copying from Capito
NewsLink 7/31/14 Seniors, Watch Out for Congresswoman Capito
NewsLink 7/30/14 Join Gov. Tomblin and us at our Unity Event in Logan
NewsLink 7/30/14 Evan Jenkins Anti Senior Agenda
NewsLink 7/24/14 ICYMI: Dems Betting Big on Tennant Win
NewsLink 7/24/14 New Video: Alex Mooney Refuses to Say If He Would Stay in WV If He Loses
NewsLink 7/21/14 Legal Action Taken to Remove Republican Candidates from General Election Ballots
NewsLink 7/18/14 Congresswoman Capitos Medicaid Problem
NewsLink 7/18/14 Rahall Continues Efforts to Stand up to the EPA, Gets Results
NewsLink 7/17/14 Capito: Cutting Class
NewsLink 7/16/14 Mooney's New Fundraising Report Shows Only 5% West Virginia Support
NewsLink 7/15/14 Banking Lobbyist on Capito: "We Love Her"
NewsLink 7/11/14 Congresswoman Capito Using House Committee to Further Husband's Career
NewsLink 7/9/14 FACTS: How Evan Jenkins' Opposition to Minimum Wage Increase Hurts West Virginians
NewsLink 7/8/14 Capito/Ryan Plan is an Assault on Seniors' Health and Wallets
NewsLink 7/8/14 Chairman Puccio Statement on West Virginia Voter Registration Numbers
NewsLink 7/3/14 The Only Thing Capito Won’t Copy From Tennant is Agreeing to Debate on the Issues
NewsLink 7/2/14 Chairman "Welcomes" Alex Mooney to West Virginia
NewsLink 6/30/14 Capito Can't Hide From Her Record Against WV Women
NewsLink 6/16/14 We Remember Geneva Jones
NewsLink 6/13/14 Nick Rahall's Campaign Headquarters Opens Today!
NewsLink 6/12/14 The Company Capito Keeps
NewsLink 6/10/14 Capito Votes Against Equal Pay 5 Times
NewsLink 6/6/14 Get to know Alex Mooney
NewsLink 6/6/14 Capito Attacks Democratic Delegates Throughout the State of WV
NewsLink 5/27/14 Spirit of Jefferson: Mooney's motivation?
NewsLink 5/20/14 GOP Claims of Democrats Using State Funds for "Political Mailings" is simply NOT TRUE
NewsLink 5/15/14 Nick Casey for Congress
NewsLink 5/14/14 From Top to Bottom This is One of the Strongest Tickets Our Democratic Party has Seen
NewsLink 5/13/14 It's Primary Election Day, Make Your Vote Count
NewsLink 5/12/14 Chairman Puccio's Statement on the loss of Mary Manchin
NewsLink 5/12/14 Tomorrow is Primary Election Day!
NewsLink 5/9/14 Last Day of Primary Early Voting is Tomorrow!
NewsLink 5/7/14 Tennant Launches Web Ad Targeting Capito's Flood Rate Hikes
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